Boutique IT Consultancy

CloudMech provides a carefully selected range of quality technology services and products. Compliment your existing team or let our expertise guide and improve IT in your business!

  • Exclusive Support

  • Projects or Ongoing Arrangements

  • Bespoke Solutions


Committed to value, quality and results


We put people at the centre of solving real problems


Gain an overall simplified view of your environment


Visibility, performance and simplicity in management


Ensure integration, implementation and automation


Protect your organisation and your customers


Plan for future non disruptive transformation

Friendly Team

We understand that technology can be difficult so we focus on adding back the human-touch.

Powerful Options

Using the right tool for the job is imperitive, but how do you know what tools you need.

Integrations & Addons

Start leveraging your existing data and reducing the amount of time you spend managing IT.

Business Improvements

Get expertise where it counts, to gain efficiences and give you the data you need.

Total Control

Work smarter with powerful features

There is an ever increasing skills gap with the pace of business, reliance on technology, need to secure systems and data, and evolving cyber threats. These can not only be hard to keep up with, but also damage your reputation, result in loss of income, fines or worse, stop your business entirely.

We founded CloudMech as a boutique IT Consultancy to help frustrated businesses. We don't simply resell solutions... we're invested in understanding how you do business and using our expertise, offerings and partnerships, uncover your potential business benefits while accomodating your budget constraints. We're passionate about being advocates for your business, not working for it.