Security, Simplicity, Efficiency

CloudMech consultants deliver projects to simplify your technology. We also manage our solutions ongoing for minimal management fee. You can compliment your team with our expertise and ensure a successful implementation and continuous optimisation.

Optimised + Security

More productivity with less effort + side benefits

Leverage CloudMech's years of experience, careful and comprehensive selection of tooling, and implementation processes for a fast-track pathway of which technology solutions will solve your problems.

We evaluate all our supported solutions against industry best practices, ease of use, functionality, integrations and cyber security. CloudMech's offerings are backed by what we can deliver well, evolve to tomorrow's needs and reduces your risk to ensure you have a great outcome.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) publish regular and targeted advice for individuals and families, small and medium businesses, and large organisations in Australia for helping to protect their reputation, continuity and compliance. CloudMech consultants are well practiced with implementing and aligning to these recommendations and can explain the underlying business benefits of why and how these are great outcomes to invest in.

Check out the latest ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report.

Cybercrime Reports to Australian Cyber Security Centre


23% vs previous financial year (2021-2022)

Report of Cybercrime every 6 minutes (avg).

  • Realising what losses occur based on an outage, corruption, cyber attack or misuse are generally easier to quantify for your business. These can be minimised but only by proactive action.

  • The hidden costs of inefficiency are felt everyday! The right platforms can take your teams frustrations away as well as increase effectiveness.

Are you prepared?


Average finanical loss (cost of cybercrime per report) of which the Top 3 cybercrime types for business were:

  • email compromise
  • business email compromise (BEC) fraud
  • online banking fraud

All-in-One Solutions

We can bundle all of your required services as a neat package. This allows you to be as granular as you like but minimise the amount of systems and platforms you need to source, procure, document, update and manage.

Digital Strategy & Roadmap
  • We help any size businesses with IT consultancy, security, advice and guidance for small and large IT projects.

  • We help companies who don’t have an in house CIO or CTO to implement strategic IT projects to maximise their success.

  • We can help evaluate and reduce your business's carbon footprint. We endevour to minimise energy and environmental impacts.