Protect your data and systems through robust Cyber Security Solutions


Simplify your container and VM security, no matter their location, for maximum agility, security, and compliance.


Protect every Desktop and Server with enterprise-grade prevention, detection, response and threat hunting.


Level up your threat detection and response capabilities for identity-based surfaces, such as Active Directory and Azure AD.

Highly Secured

One Agent for Advanced Cyber Security

Achieve greater cross-surface visibility and take action in real time with one agent for automated, enterprise-grade prevention, detection, response, and hunting across endpoint, cloud, and identity.

Automated Threat Resolution
  • Full featured enterprise-grade EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

  • NGAV (Next-Gen AntiVirus) and behavioral detection to stop known and unknown threats.

  • Suite features like network control, USB device control, and Bluetooth device control.

  • Native network attack surface protection and rogue device identification with Ranger.

Fully Managed
One-Click Remediation & Rollback

Simplify response and automate resolution with patented one-click remediation to reverse all unauthorized changes. No tedious scripting work.

  • Automated responses and prevention and remediation mechanisms, all in one code base.

  • Threat resolution across your estate — on one, several, or all devices — no scripting necessary.

  • Offloads day-to-day operation of your Cyber Security Solution to an elite team of analysts and hunters so you can refocus on more strategic projects.

  • Vigilance Respond ensures every threat is reviewed, acted upon, documented, and escalated to you only when needed.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

More Capability with Less Complexity. Bring together best-in-class EPP (Endpoint Protection and Prevention) + EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) = One Platform including fully managed by an elite team of Cyber Security professionals 24x7 for less than $1 per day.

Ransomware Prevention

Powerful software to stop ransomware and other malicious actions, complete with remediation and rollback capabilities and monitored 24x7.

Manage Access

Restrict or allow the use of USB drives or Bluetooth devices, manage firewall settings, and even automatically isolate a device upon malicous detection.

Protect Every Device

Software agent for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux. Both Desktop and Server operating systems are supported and regularly updated from the cloud.

Protect Data Everywhere

Includes full protections even without internet access. Rest easy knowing that multiple analysis engines are always on actively protecting your systems.

Remote Access

Complete isolation of a device can be triggered automatically upon detection, yet maintains a dedicated connection back to the console for management.

Secure Authentication

Secure administration including enforced multi-factor (MFA). Singularity Marketplace extends the power of SentinelOne with third-parties for even greater value.